Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1975 1/2A Free flight DOUBLOON straightforward design


Listing is for Printed Plan and Article

Vintage 1975


Full Size printed plan on a sheet 40” x 24”

Three page article with building notes and photos

Free flight

Wingspan 38”

Engine 1/2A

Winner of the 1/2A Power class at the 1974 Nationals, straightforward design is ideal for high performance 0.049 cu. in. glow motors.


Using a variable incidence tailplane plus auto-rudder would probably be the ideal, but a simple, easy-to-build model was required, so an attempt was made to build VIT characteristics into a straightforward design. The idea was to have a reasonably sized model, climbing fairly straight, with a good pull-out at the cut-off stage. The thin, flat section, low pylon and large fin appeared to give the required climb characteristics, while the auto-rudder meets the good pull-out requirements. American experts have decided that moderate areas, combined with low aspect ratio wings with thin sections, give a good glide, coupled with a reasonably quick, viceless climb. Also, the three-piece wing system is quick to build, light and fairly rigid - considering the section.

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