Full size printed plan Vintage 1984 Control Line Stunter .35 - .40 SCIMITAR constructed for easy repair in the event of damage.


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Vintage plan 1984


A tough little bird that's perfect for working out those pre-season kinks.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 42” x 30”

Three page article with building notes

Control Line Stunter


ENGINE .35 - .40


IT HAPPENS TO me every year: I've got a new "Nats-worthy" plane finished, painted, and waxed, but I'm afraid to fly it in those March winds Conquer these fears somewhat, and to recondition my shaky flying ha bits, dulled by winter's cold I designed the Scimitar to begin my pre-season practice. It was designed to be tough under adverse flying, and-I should add-adverse landing conditions. I have had a nice glide path all set up for landing, only to end up viewing the top of the wing when the wind lifts the outboard wing to almost vertical. Then it slams the plane down because it lacks lift. Often sturdy wing-mounted landing gear will be driven up into the wing; destroying ribs and creating a repair or rebuild job. I also wanted the Scimitar to be capable of flying the Precision Aerobatic Pattern as well as any stunt plane plans available from Model Airplane News. It should be light enough to keep from overworking your motor, but heavy enough for good velocity and penetration under windy weather flying. It has enough adjustable features to trim for various flying circumstances and is constructed for easy repair in the event of damage.

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