Full Size Printed Plan vintage 'T-BIRD' 1972 32 ¼” Wingspan Engines .15 'three-in-one' combat design


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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A 'three-in-one' combat design to suit beginners or experts alike

Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 38” x 29”

Four page article of building notes, photos

32 ¼” Wingspan

Engines .15

By Frank Smart

   SO, YOU HAVE a little experience of control line flying, enough to enable you to keep the wretched model off the ground until it runs out of fuel without any premature 'landings'. Or perhaps you are already fully confident at handle waving and can complete a fancy-looking aerobatic schedule. Either way, you want to try combat flying so T-Bird will fit the bill, whatever your prowess. This is achieved by the fact that three versions of the T- Bird are drawn here: a combat trainer, with a thick 1 3/8” full stunt wing section and elevator hinged on the trailing edge, an advanced combat trainer with a similar specification but with an extended tail boom, and finally a competition model with a fashionable flat wing section, extended tail booms and lighter construction.

   Perhaps the model does look ordinary, square and plank-like, but it has in fact been designed in an attempt to simplify the construction as much as possible for the complete beginner. The unconventional wing construction is particularly easy to make, and will result in a warp-free structure. Although not designed to out- perform the top models, the trainer version will produce a very smooth flight pattern even on days when the wind strength approaches Force 9-1O! T-Bird may be flown around the full circle under these conditions, retaining good line tension, and this certainly gives the opposition something to think about!

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