Full Size Printed Plans 1/32 semi-scale, 26 1/4 in long BRITISH POWER BOAT 70’ MGB


Full Size Printed Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL


Easy-­to‑build semi‑scale Motor Gun Boat

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36” x 26” 20 lb bond

Nine page article with building notes and photos

1/32nd scale,

26 1/4 in long

8 in beam.

Electric powered

Radio Control


   This is a fairly simple model to make and will be well within the scope of anyone who has built a working model before. As with all scale models the most important requirement is patience. Anyone who is new to the hobby should first study the plan carefully and mentally go through the construction sequence. Cut the shape of the major components, keel, bulkheads etc, from thick cardboard and see how they fit together, so that the basic principles are mastered before any wood is cut. Above all, work slowly and carefully, and if anything does go wrong, throw that part away, and start again. In general, mistakes will not be covered up, but magnified by subsequent building. No special tools will be required

 IN THE gathering dusk the MGB noses in towards the coast, the engine throbbing gently. The crew are at action stations and the captain is peering intently through his binoculars. It is time for an agent pick‑up. The engine is cut and all is silent whilst the transfer takes place. With a muted rumble the engine restarts and the boat moves gently away out of earshot of any listening posts. The throttles open wide, and with the wake streaming behind the boat heads for home.

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