Full size printed plans 1:8 Scale L32" RNLI 21ft 6 in ATLANTIC 21 MARK III for R/C


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inshore lifeboat

Full Size printed Plan on a Sheet 48" x 28"

Two page article with History, some building notes and photos

SCALE 1/8 (1 1/2" = 1ft)


LENGTH 32 1/4”


David Metcalf

SOON after the last war it was realised by the RNLI that some type of smaller lifeboat for inshore rescue work was required. The time effort and expense involved in launching the conventional type of lifeboat for a small rescue was getting excessive.

During the war the inflatable boat had proved its worth operating from beaches. Therefore the RNLI felt that these might well be suitable and accordingly the first boats appeared in the early 1960's and were so successful that there are now nearly 150 in service, the latest type being the Atlantic 21 Mk 11/ built by William Osbornes Ltd of Littlehampton, Sussex. The hull is a deep vee glass fibre one with a lip moulded around the top, onto which the rubber inflatable top is fitted and then bolted. The drive is either by outboard motors or as shown on the drawing. an inboard motor (diesel) with out drive.

The driver/boatswain sits on the control console, rather like a motor cyclist. He is held in position by the foot straps on either side. The crewman sits behind him hold­ing the grab rail (in heavy seas, at speed, very firmly). rather like a motor cycle pillion rider. For survivors there are grab handles on the inside of the hull, 

 Model Construction

As to model construction, this should be fairly straightforward.

Although no construction details are shown, the making of a working model should be fairly straightforward, resulting in an interesting and somewhat different fun model.

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