Full size Printed Plans 1953 Control Line Speed 73.40 1/2 A speed buggy Wingspan 8”


  Full size Printed Plans                      

 Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage plan from 1953


Full size printed plan on a sheet 81/2" x 11"

Three page article with building notes

Control Line Speed

Wingspan 8”

Engine 1/2A

By John Youngs

Here's a snappy 1/2 A speed buggy that you "yo-yo" fans will find fits right down your' racing alley

 The 73.40" is a scaled-down version of previous speed planes in the .065 and .074 range of displacements. to meet A.M.A. rules for a 1/2 A job. This plane was recently clocked at 73.40 miles per hour and a little work on props and fuel should bring speeds of eighty and more.

Construction is conventional in most respects. A few evenings at the work bench can add another class for the speed fan or offer an inexpensive and easy way for the novice to get started in speed.

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