Full size Printed Plans 32-Pound Columbiad, 1840-65 Scale 1:16 Length oa 13" Width 3 1//16"


Full size Printed Plans & Article              

Not a KIT or MODEL

Build an Historic Collector's Item

32-Pound Columbiad, 1840-65

Two Full size printed plans on two sheets 11" x 17"

Five page article with building notes, photos and material list

Scale 1:16

Length oa 13"

Width 3 1//16"


MANY hours of fun can be had in building this authentic model of a cast iron, muzzle loading, 32-pound gun, used throughout the Civil War by both North and South, primarily as seacoast guns to defend cities and barbors. Technically, the upper part of the mount is the carriage,, and the lower. part, running on the traverse wheels, is the chassis. The front pintle and traversing wheels, allowed the gun to traverse through an arc of 180*. These guns are quite large in comparison to the small field the time, as the pieces of 6/8-in. dia. bore fired a 6 3/8shot. With its gleaming brass and rich walnut wood, this scale model will make a nice conversation piece for mantel or TV.

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