Full Size Printed Plans 36R yacht for vane or radio control, L36" 49 page building article


Full Size Printed Plans and Article


36R yacht for vane or radio,

Full Size Printed Plans on a Sheet 18" x 36"

This is a 49 printed page article 33pages of text 16 pages of photos & illustrations on construction and sailing aimed at those new to sailing includes article on vane construction  ( NOT ALL SHOWN)

Length 36"

designed by Vic Smeed.

Be ready for the expected surge of enthusiasm in this class and start building now.

Many of the author's designs have been attempts to simplify construction processes, to make building a less daunting prospect to a beginner, but as part of a general series it may be more useful to stick close to convention. Most wood yachts of round bilge form nowadays are rib and plank, often with fashion pieces for the extreme stem and stern. As this is a light Min. model there is no reason why balsa should not be used, suitably sheathed or hardened on completion; the methods are the same but the work is easier, and the practice such a hull provides should equip a builder to tackle another, perhaps larger yacht in harder woods. As a concession to simplicity with strength, the bow fashion piece can be fairly large and laminated each side of a ply profile and longitudinal members can be laminated (or solid) spruce to provide resistance to sagging or hogging.


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