Full size Printed Plans A modern Clyde "puffer" M.V. RAYLIGHT Scale 1:48 Suitable for Radio Control


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Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size printed plan on a sheet 42" x 26" 20lb bond

Two page article with description and pictures

Note: No building notes recommend builder with some scratch building experience

Scale 1:48 (1/4"=1ft)

Length 241/8” 

Beam 5-3/8”

Electric motor

Suitable for Radio Control

by J. Pottinger

These little craft were named puffers because of the noise made by the steam from the engine exhausting through the funnel to atmosphere, though all the steam puffers of today have condensers. With their long hold, single mast forward and, right aft, the wheelhouse with the funnel in front of it, they are unmistakeable from any other kind of craft. They are almost flat bottomed to enable them to be beached at any out of the way places without a pier, and cargo could be discharged directly overside by their derrick. There is an air about them, plodding up the Clyde right down to the marks, sometimes smoking heavily, that always appeals, even though the onlooker may not be a ship lover.

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