Full size printed plans and article 1/2 A Combat “DIRTY BEAVER” Wingspan 28” Engine .04


Full size printed plans and article

No material plans only


Originally meant to be a "tuner upper" for the hot‑shot combat flier, this model fits riqht in to a new event that is rapidly gaining popularity. . Half‑A Combat!

Full size printed plan on a sheet 31” x 22”

Five page article with building notes

Wingspan 28”

Engine .049


Although .049 Combat planes have is it rule, been completely ignored by most serious Combat fliers, I would nope that anybody interested in Combat .will build and fly a Dirty Beaver.

   The DB is in no way related to what you would consider‑ to be just another 049 Cornbat plane. I lie plan,, and pics show the obvious the plane is Very light, Plus being cheap and quick to build. What is not SO obvious is the ‑act that a DB can be punched into the ground without Much (if any) damage Evan if the DB is broken, it is easy it) fix as all of the Structure is readily accessible. Center section Sheeting turns out to be a pain to install, and just makes repair of the bent plane more difficult.

   Also not too obvious is the flying abilities of the DB. The plane will turn very tightly and quickly. Consecutive oops are super quick and successive reversals Of direction are also super 'Wiggles" are the planes strong point, and allow you to really show‑biz the folks with rnaneuvers that are extremely difficult, to follow. 


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