Full size printed plans and article Combat Plane BLUE BAYOU Wingspan 22” Engines .051 - .09


Full size printed plans and article

No material plans only

Reproduced vintage plan from 1963


Full size printed plan on a sheet 24” x 22”

Two page article with building notes

Wingspan 22”

Engines .051 - .09

Designed by B. R. Bumstead

THE currently popular trend towards a rugged stunt/combat design for small engines, usually takes the form of a normal flying wing with the elevator hinged to the T.E. This often results in no more than a moderately manoeuvrable design. IT, however  a  “flying tail" is utilised, the manoeuvrability and handling charac­teristics are greatly enhanced, but the resulting design has the tendency to appear stark and functional. Blue Bayou is an attempt to combine in a “wing" design, both good manoeuvrability and yet achieve a certain degree of aesthetic appeal. The model is designed for engines of 1-1.5 c.c. capacity, although, if care is taken to keep the weight down, some of the more powerful 0.8 c.c. diesels-Frog 80, D.C. Merlin, etc. could be used.  


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