Full Size Printed Plans and Article Semi Scale 1:18 LO.A. 35 in Fleur-de-Lys class boat CYNETTE


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Vintage plans from 1963


An elegant 35 in. motor yacht based on the 52 ft. 6in. Fleur-de-Lys class boats built by Dagless Ltd.

Full size printed plans on three sheets Two 37” x 24” and one 24” x 18”

Eight page article with building notes and photos

Semi Scale 1:18

LO.A. 35 in

Beam 4 1/2 in

Gas or Electric



I HAVE called my model of a modern British motor yacht by Dagless Ltd., Wisbech, "Cynette" and would like to apologise to these builders for any liberties taken in the model's design.

The model can be either diesel or electric powered and anyone who has built a similar type model need have no qualms over the construction of this one, which is both quick and simple. Because of the double planking employed this operation will take a little longer than normal but is no more tedious or difficult. May I also add that I have left certain methods of construction for prospective builders to decide, i.e., the use of bulkheads in ply and the fitting of motors etc. Before commencing notes on building I will say that for any glue joints that will have to take strains, or ply to ply joints, a resin type adhesive, e.g., Casco 'Glue All' or Araldite must be used.

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