Full Size Printed Plans and Article Y.S.D. Self Propelled Derrick Semi-Scale 1:72 Length 15" For Radio control


Full Size Printed Plans and Article

A easy-to-build unusual model from Glynn Guest.


Self Propelled Derrick

Full size plans on two sheets 11" x 17" 24lb bond

Ten page article with building notes and photos

The Model

   Being based upon a couple of photographs and a lot of 'guesstimation' there is no way that this model could pretend to be an accurate scale model. To make life easier I will even confess to simplifying the crane boom and the lattice support of the elevated bridge, not that the model seems to have suffered because of this.

 YSD was the U.S. Navy's designation for a self propelled derrick or sometimes it was referred to as a 'seaplane wrecking crane'. It was no more than a powered barge type of hull upon which a crane was mounted. The photograph I saw showed a YSD ferrying a Grumman Avenger to a carrier in a Pacific lagoon. A little later a second small side view of a YSD was uncovered in a reference book. Between these two photographs it was

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