Full Size Printed Plans and Building Article Scale 1:150 Pocket Heavy Cruisers metal-clad model


Full Size Printed Plans and Building Article



Full Size Printed on Two Sheets 36” x 24” 

Eleven Pages 126 Step by step building instructions Article and photo

Scale 1:150

Length 19 1/2"

Radio control


The Ayuthia is an extremely interesting ship to model in many ways because it is a one-of-a-kind type of warship that has only been seen in Far Eastern waters. An effort has been made to make the construction of this model as clear as possible for those who have never attempted a metal-clad model before, although this model is as close to an exact replica as the information available would permit. You will find that, if you adhere to the instructions, you will produce a model that is extremely durable for running on some quiet lake, but will also gain a great deal of attention as an exhibition model.

IN 1936, two Pocket Heavy Cruisers were laid down by Kawasaki Co., Kobe, Japan, for the Royal Siamese Navy. These two ships, Ayuthia and Dhonburi, were actually scaled down versions of Germany's Pocket Battleships ; displacing only 2,265 tons, they were about one quarter the size of the heavy cruisers of other navies, but could maintain half of the heavy fire power of the heavier ships. They did, however, suffer from too low a speed for fast fleet action. Both of these ships were completed in 1938 and subsequently taken over by the Japanese Navy. Both ships suffered severe damage in a battle with French forces early in the war.


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