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Not a KIT or MODEL

French-built boats for the Malaysian Navy


Full size printed plan on a sheet 38" x 29" 20lb bond

Note: No building notes suggest experience builders

One page of description

Scale 1:64 3/16"=1ft)

Length approx 29"

Beam 5"

scale displacement just under 21bs.

Suitable for radio control

Four Fast Patrol Boats of a type similar to the 1 German Type 148 were built for the Malaysian Navy during 1972, the names being Kapal Diraja Perdana, KD Serang, KD Ganas, and KD Ganyang.

These boats have clean, unsophisticated lines and a look of power borne out by the armament which they carry. This comprises a 57 mm gun for'd, 40 mm gun aft and two missile launchers midships, with associated fire control radar.

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