Full size Printed Plans & Article Model of an Italian prototype Cabin Cruiser EGRET


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Model of an Italian prototype

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 32" x 28" 20lb bond

One page article with some building notes

Freelance Scale

Length 22 ½”

Beam 6 ½”

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control

Not suitable for absolute beginners but within the scope of those who have built one or two models before.

by Philip Connolly

THIS attractive cruiser is in the modern style with a forward cabin, central conning position, and large open cockpit or sun-deck aft. It makes a hand­some little model, well suited to electric power and large enough for lightweight radio if desired; like similar prototypes, however, it offers problems of access to the interior. Probably the easiest thing is to make the entire superstructure, including well deck, lift off in one piece; an alternative is to cut an access hatch, bounded by the handrails, in the cabin top, and to make the after deck removable if there is need to use the space beneath.

Construction is conventional, first assembling the keel unit, adding the bulkheads,

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