Full size Printed Plans & Article Scale 1:35 Length 31 DARK CLASS M.T.B. Suitable for Radio Control


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Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size printed plans on a sheet 38" x 30" 20 lb bond

Six page article with some building notes and photos

Experienced builders only, this model has plenty of detail to fill the winter evenings

Scale 1:35

Length 31“

Power Gas .21 or Electric

Suitable for Radio Control

By K. Matuszczak

   The original model .was jig-built, but with care the jig could be dispensed with. It would be necessary to plank the bottoms, due to the flare, but the sides can each be a single sheet of ply. Of the superstructure the bridge is perhaps trickiest, since there is a change in angle in the top half; a plain tapered box with a second, chamfered lamination would be the simplest way of representing this.

    At first seen with grey hulls, these boats are now painted black and carry an identification number on the side as shown. The ten boats in service, in numerical order, are Adventurer, Aggressor, Fighter, Gladiator, Hero, Highwayman, Hussar, Intruder, Invader, Scout - each, of course, prefixed with the word Dark.

  The Dark Class boats are dual purpose and any boat can quickly be converted from a motor gun boat to a motor torpedo boat or vice versa. The M.G.B. carries one 4·5 in. gun and one or two 40 mm. AlA guns, and the M.T.B. carries four 21 in. torpedoes and a 40 mm. gun; either boat can carry depth charges and rocket flare  devices

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