Full size Printed Plans & Article Scale 1:48 L 28" CERVIA Thames Tug



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Full Size printed plans on a SHEET 36” x 24” 20lb bond

Fourteen Page Article with Photos and Illustrations & Building Notes

Scale 1:48 (1/4=1ft)

Length 28"

Beam 6 3/4"

Suitable for Radio Control

Power Electric or Steam


   As far as power is concerned the model is primarily intended for electric motors, using a Taycol Target or Meteor, Kako No. 4, Orbit 505, or similar motor. It is preferable to use a 21/2 in. 3-blade propeller rather than a 4-blader especially since commercial 4-blade screws are difficult to find. With a screw of this diameter it will be necessary to gear down the motors suggested by about 5 or 6:1 in order to achieve economic battery or accumulator life and reasonable efficiency from motor and propeller.

   There is ample room for steam plant which must, however be tailored to fit the hull, although this may only mean lengthing the feed and return pipes only. A single cylinder oscillator of 3/8 in. bore and 1/2 in. stroke would be about the minimum suitable engine.

    ONE of the finest tugs operating today on the Thames is undoubtedly the 233-ton steam-powered Cervia. A workman-like vessel with traditional lines, the Cervia is based at Gravesend, often referred to as the gateway to the Port of London. The Cervia, in common with other tugs operating from the same base, assists the many merchant ships which use the Port of London, carrying on the trade which has for many centuries made London the hub of world commerce. Without the tugs, shipping movement on the Thames would come to a standstill, so important is their work. The Cervia is owned by Messrs. William Watkins Ltd., who are reputed to be the oldest ship towage concern in the world, having begun business in 1833, over 126 years ago. Originally the Cervia was built to a Government order as part of their war-time programme and given the name Empire Raymond, and was purchased by Messrs. Watkins from the stocks in 1946. Built by the well-known ship builders, Messrs. Alexander Hall and Co. Ltd. of Aberdeen, the Cervia measures 105.2 feet in length (b.p.), 27.1 feet in breadth, and 11.7 feet in depth. The 900 I.H.P. engines are also by the ship builders and give her towing pull of 101/4 tons, which is exceptional for a tug of her size. Fitted with a Scotch type boiler of 190 lb. working pressure, there are three furnaces, with a heating surface of 2,904 square feet. Today, when many of the larger London tugs are being converted to oil-burning, the Cervia has the distinction of being the first tug of her kind on the Thames to be oil-fired, having been built with this system.

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