Full Size Printed Plans CANVAS WAGON Scale ¾ in To 1 ft Length 13 3/4 ” Width 6 7/8


Full Size Printed Plans              

Not a KIT or MODEL

These are reproductions of a 1950 plan

CANVAS WAGON for your Big Top

One of the important pieces of rolling equipment used y circus is by ever the heavy canvas wagon. Used to carry the canvas

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36" x 24" 20- lb bond

Seven page article with building notes, photos and material list

Scale ¾ in To 1 ft

Length 13 3/4 ”

Width 6 7/8


FOR a hobby with creative outlets, no tire­some repetition, no special tool or material require­ments and little cash outlay‑build a model circus. A model circus will lend itself to al­most any scale, but 3/4 in. to the foot allows addi­tion of consider­able detail which,after all, is what makes a model. The wagons alone contain a fascinat­ing variety rang­ing from the heavy 'pole and canvas to the colorful calli­ope and parade wagons.

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