Full Size Printed Plans Cargo Ship M.V. Sandpiper Scale 1:72 Length 40 5/8


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M.V. Sandpiper

Full Size printed plan on two sheets 42” x 31” 20 lb bond

Four page article some suggestions ,colours and photos

Suggest builder with some scratch building experience

Scale 1:72

Length 40 5/8”

Beam 6 5/8”

Power your choice

Suitable for radio control

By James Pottinger

   Construction should be fairly simple without a multiplicity of detail, and I will leave the method of building to the modeller's preference.

   The Sandpiper was built by Henry Robb Ltd. at their Victoria shipyard at Leith in 1957; this yard was to build numerous ships for GSN over the years. She was sold out of the fleet in 1966 to Administration du Territoire des Iles St. Pierre & Miquelon France and renamed Ile de Saint Pierre; 1969: to Territoires d'Outr-Mer France; 1976: to Paturel Freres France; 1981: to Alinda Shipping Co, (John N. Goulandris) Greece and renamed Alinda ; 1982: to Samothraki Navigation Corp. Panama and renamed Katia K; 1989: to unspecified owners and renamed Voyager II (1989) and was finally broken up

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