Full size Printed Plans Century Sea Maid Scale 1/4 Length 54" Beam 18 ¾ Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Century Sea Maid

Full size plans on two sheets 56" x 36" and 36" x 31" 20lb bond

Five page article with building notes

Scale 1/4

Length 54"

Beam 18 ¾”

Suitable for radio control

ENGINE GAS (Original O & R you may update to modern .90 (15cc) engine)

If R/C boating is your thing and you want to try scale then our subject is just what you have been waiting for. In addition, it is large enough to permit sailing in most any weather, with plenty of power.


 This is a large model that will let you run when conditions keep the hydros on dry land. It was built to take an O&R 1/4 or 1 hp engine, which will drive it well above scale speeds  As this was my first attempt at boat building, I don't think it will be beyond the skill of anyone who builds their own model aircraft. There are several tools required for easy assembly. A table saw, jig saw, and a table disc sander will help along with the usual hand tools.

 The material list includes two sheets of 1/8" x 3' x 7' mahogany plywood. You will have to look around to find this wood; Also needed is a plank or two of 1/2" or 3/4" solid mahogany to rip up into strips for framing. Other types of wood may be used here

Thank you for looking Rose

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