Full Size Printed Plans Cessna 180 Semi-Scale 1:12 Wingspan 38” Power Rubber



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In this case, beauty isn't just skin deep. Underneath some great scale, taildragger looks lies a good flying rubber powered freeflight model.

The Cessna 180

Full size printed plan on a sheet 34” x 24”

Eight page article with building notes and photos

Semi-Scale 1:12

Wingspan 38”

Power Rubber

Taildraggers just have a charisma and a mysterious aura that other aircraft don't have. They look "awake" to me...or should I really say they keep me awake

By Enrique Amaya

The model

  Well, being hooked on the full size aircraft, it's kind of obvious that I should try to duplicate it in model form. Instead of jumping into a full blown scale project, I just took the features which would give a good likeness of the plane. Underneath the looks, however, lies a true freeflight sport model.

It could make a good freeflight electric due to its size proportions and flight characteristics. If you should choose that route, make a stronger attach point for the wing struts because they are functional and can carry a bigger load. Let me know how you make out if you try it, but if you are a rubber twister like me, get your plan, copy and build a model that will make your flying buddies ask where can they get a macho machine like that.

The Cessna 180-185 series of aircraft dates back to the early 1950s, and since then it has continued as a successful design. It's the kind of airplane you can take off and land almost anywhere. It's very appreciated in Alaska; remote Mexico, Central or South America. In ranch, bush, mountain, or lake flying, this rugged taildragger can almost carry its own weight.

  In the air, it is an easy, honest flying machine, with very docile handling characteristics. It's capable of undertaking a wide variety of roles, even performing as an ag plane. Ask the factory and one would be delivered to your door, complete with a 151 gallon tank and a spray system.

  From a design point of view, the plane offers an eye-pleasing juncture of well-balanced forms and lines, the kind of machine that gives its pilot a macho look and makes him feel proud of being at the controls of such a fine airplane.

Thank you for your interest Rose