Full Size Printed Plans CESSNA CR-3 Scale 1:10 Power Rubber



Winner of several F.A.C. Thompson Trophy competitions, and flying well enough to go O.O.S. at the 1982 F.A.C. Nats, this stubby racer is a real performer ... once trimmed.


One Full size Printed plan on a sheet 22” x 30”

Four Page Article of Building Notes and Photos

Scale 1:10

Wingspan 22"

Power Rubber


   The Model

The history of the CR-3 model is almost as intriguing as that of the real racer. Several years ago. Dave Stott designed a Peanut CR-3: a good looking time for the '80 FAC Nats, it took another two months of fooling around to trim her out, including the construction of two enlarged tails. But by the Fall of 1980, it was flying well enough to capture the Thompson Trophy at our Fall meet, a feat that was repeated in 1981. This model is not for the inexperienced or the faint-hearted. It required a great deal of patient trimming, and, for reasons bordering on the supernatural, has shown a fondness for landing in trees ... very high trees at that ... but with those two trophies now on the shelf, I have forgiven her these eccentricities. Perhaps my accumulated experience will make things easier for you

   The CR-3

Although we usually think of Cessna as primarily a manufacturer of light-planes, for a short period in the mid-'30s they were deeply invoked in the national mania called air racing. The CR-3 was the last of their custom built racing ships, and was created especially for Johnny Livingston of Monocoupe fame. The little red-and-yellow speedster was powered by a 145 hp Warnerradial encased in a tightly fitted cowl with raised rocker arm blisters. In its brief career, the CR-3 won every race in which it was entered and established a new world's speed record for aircraft of 500 cubic inch displacement, 237.35 mph. Its career. alas, lasted little more than two months. when Livingston was forced to bandon the fiesty little ship after its landing gear failed to come down on a flight to Columbus, Ohio The pilot went safely over the side. but the CR-3 augered in at several hundred miles per hour.

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