Full size Printed Plans Chinese Junk Scale 1:24 SLO-MO SHUN for 2 Function R/C



 Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size printed plan on a sheet 36" x 20"

Ten page article with building instructions and photos

Length 16"

Power Sail

A Chinese Junk for 2 Function R/C

 designed by Graham Goodchild

This near scale junk is suitable for sailing in small ponds or back yard paddling pools. Construction is straight‑forward using sheet balsa for the frame and deck, and art card or mounting board for the hull skin. Card has the advantage of being able to be cut with scissors and will readily bend to curves, and when treated with cellulose dope results in a tough and watertight structure.

Alloy tube is used for the masts and spars for strength and lightness, while the sails are cut from thin plastic drafting film which can be realistically painted and attached directly to the masts without having to stitch hems etc. as with conventional cloth sails.

Sail trimming is achieved by pivoting the masts and sails together through linkages to the servo. The sails and servo assembly are in one unit housed within the removable deck hatch for easy access.

The plans and construction photos should be self explanatory. The first step is to cut the hull and sail plans where dotted and join together.

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