Full Size printed Plans Clyde Paddle Steamer scale 4"=1' L 63" Suitable for R/C


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Clyde Paddle Steamer

One Full Size Printed on a 66” x 30” sheet

Five pages of description colours Note: There are No Building Notes

For builders with some experience

Scale 4” = 1foot

Length 63”

Width over paddle boxes 15 ½”

Multi Channel Radio control


The Juno represents the ultimate in the development of the Clyde steamer with her full-length promenade deck and hull plated to the bow. The plan of the Duchess of Kent published in Model Boats in January 1972 showed the paddle steamer with the open foredeck. The next move was to extend the promenade deck, supporting it on stanchions, as you can see in the photograph of the Duchess of Hamilton. This design was not entirely suitable for open waters, and later designs were plated, as on the Juno. The Juno was built in 1898 for Glasgow and South Western Railway Co., with a passenger capacity of around 1.500. She was 245 ft. x 29.1 ft. x 9.7 ft. and had a trial speed of 19.26 knots. She was stationed at Ayr, which meant that she operated in the open waters of the lower Clyde. She was larger than most of her contemporaries and certainly beamier, which is a great advantage in the model. During the First World War she was employed as a minesweeper under the name of Junior. She was finally broken up in 1932.

To be really effective, the Juno should be built to a scale of 4 in. to 1 ft., giving a length of 63 in. and a width over the paddle boxes of 15 1/2 in. The all-up weight is around 16/17 lb. The model in the photographs was only the second ship model made by her builder and as you can see, he has made an excellent job of her by giving close attention to quality of the finish. It is a delight to watch the model under way and with a multi-channel radio

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