Full Size Printed Plans Control line Scale 1” = 1’ MACCHI-CASTOLDIA Wingspan 31” Engine .29 - .35


Full Size Printed Plans and Article

 Reproduced Vintage Plan From 1958


Flying scale Schneider Cup racer

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 58" x 36"

Four page article with building notes

Control line

Scale 1” = 1’

Wingspan 31”

Engine .29 - .35

Designed and drawn by Paul Palanek

   Our model representation is close to scale except for the contra-rotating prop. We devised a "non-scale" land cradle to permit terraferma flights, but the plane is basically a water flyer.
Our test model housed a Foster "29" inverted. The beefy structure is such that a "35" could be employed with no fear of over powering.

    Still well remembered, the Schneider Cup Races brought forth many excellent designs, innovations in construction and use of new materials. The Macchi-Castoldia is one good example. It was built after many years of careful planning by the Italian Air Force.

On June 2, 1933, an Italian pilot, Warrant Officer Francesco Angelo flew the MC-72 seaplane four times over 3 km course on Lake Garda, averaging a breathtaking 440 mph. An official mark of 440.7 mph in 1934 was not exceeded for 6 years and then by a land plane. This Italian machine still halds the speed record for seaplanes using reciprocating engines. Angelos' was one of several Macchi-Castoldia low-wing monoplanes in the Italian Air Force's high-speed flight program conducted at Lake Garda over several years. Two Fiat V-12 engines were set in tandem; the rear engine drove a shaft between the V banks of the forward engine. Each operated independently; the props revolved in opposite directions which eliminated torque problems. The engines turned up 3,200 rpm to deliver a then fantastic total of 3,000 hp.

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