FULL SIZE Printed Plans CONTROL LINE SCALE 1” = 1’ WINGSPAN 38” Curtiss XS03C-l


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Reproduced Vintage Plan from 1953

Curtiss XS03C-l

Especially designed for the Navy's Carrier Event, and for scale flying, this S03C-l does a real job

Four Page article with building notes and photos


SCALE 1” = 1’


ENGINE .29 to ,49

 By Dick Ealy  

Want to try it? We did after watching the Carrier event at Los Alarnitos National Meet. So we poured over Naval Aircraft back through the years and found the ship which met all our requirements. It is the Curtiss XS03C-l experimental two place Scout Observation built in 1939. As production model it was known as Seagull and equipped with fixed landing gear or floats. This is one of the very few Navy planes to have an in-line engine, a RANGER V-12 air- cooled, developing 520 H.P.; it was inverted. It had a maximum speed of 160 mph and a service ceiling of 23,000 feet. Armament was one 30-cal. forward machine gun projecting through. right side of cowl and one 30-cal. flexible rear gun. On anti-submarine patrol a depth charge could be carried under each wing.

We think you'll agree the XS03C-l is just about raciest scale Navy ship to be found. And it's practical too, for the whole cabin is quickly removed for access to ignition. The 1"= 1 ' scale model was designed from a three-view drawing in lane's all the World's Aircraft Yearbook so it is authentic for use in A.M.A. sanctioned meets. Model was built by Wait Farrell. It flies as nicely as it looks. A Forster .29 ignition motor equipped with
two-speed points was chosen to power the XS03C-l and we found it dependable and
smooth running at high and low speed. Other motors from .29 to .49 may' be used. With Forster a high speed of 65 mph was recorded and a low of 38 mph. Ship has a 38" wingspan, wing area 256 sq. in. Weight is 2-1/2 Ibs.

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