Full size printed plans Control line Scale 1:12 (1”=1’) Wingspan 28 1/2” GRUMMAN F2F-1



Not a KIT or MODEL

Full size printed plans and article


FULL SIZE Plan ON SHEETS 34” x 24”

Two page article with building notes and material list

Control line

Scale 1:12 (1”=1’)

Wingspan 28 1/2”

Engines.19 - .25


 Of all fighter biplanes ever built, the early Grumman ships personify a pugnacity and ruggedness apparent in no other type. Chunky, strong, the F2F‑1 was a fast fighter for its time; one reason was its retractable landing gear. The F2F‑1 was one of the earliest fighters that had this feature in operational or squadron service. First seen by the author at Floyd Bennett Field near New York in the mid‑thirties, the F2F‑1 was always considered a high priority subject for a U‑control model. If you like the F2F‑l's looks too, let's build one ...

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