Full size printed plans Control Line Standoff scale 1”= 1' SOPWITH CAMEL Wingspan 26 9/16” Engine .19


Full size printed plans Not a kit or material


Famous World War I fighter in Stand-off scale

Full size printed plan on a sheet 40” x 28”

Six page article with building notes and material list

3D view on a sheet 11” x 17”

Control Line

Standoff scale 1”= 1’

Wingspan 26 9/16”

Engine .19


  We have simplified and strengthened the construction as much as possible by using sparless wings with heavy leading and trailing edges and solid tail surfaces; however the wing rib spacing is actual scale. Simulated rib locations are shown for the solid tail surfaces. Scale construction stringer turtle deck, plus dummy Bentley rotary engine cylinders help to provide a model that will satisfy most Scale buffs. Very few Scale models can match the thrilling appearance of the classic Camel, as it cuts through the air at the end of the lines, so let's get started with this beauty.

   2F.1 version which sported shorter wings and smaller horizontal control surfaces than the earlier F. 1 design. These modifications benefit the model builder by helping to reduce the sensitivity associated with Control Line Camels, but in view of its relatively sensitive controls and above average structural complexity, this model is not recommended for the rank beginner.

   The famous Sopwith Camel follows the color scheme and markings used by Lieut. S.D. Culley when he shot down the German dirigible L. 53 over the Nortb Sea in August, 1918. Culley's Camel

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