Full Size Printed Plans CURTISS HAWK P-40D Scale 1:18 Wingspan 24 ½” Power Rubbe


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Reproduced vintage plan from 1942

Exercise your best judgment in the building and flying of your "Hawk" P-40D and you will be rewarded with an attractive, fine performing model. Many hours of enjoyment are in store once the plane is completed


Full size printed plan on a sheet 30” x 15”

Five page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1:18

Wingspan 24 ½” 

Power Rubber

By Earl Stahl

  Every flying scale builder will want for his fleet a replica of this famous fighter which has the same fine characteristics as the real ship. Its appearance is unequalled, the construction easy and in performance compares favorably with any similar ship--

   The new Curtiss "Hawk" P-40D) and its counterpart the British "Kittyhawks" are advanced versions of the well known P-40D of the Army Air Forces and  the "Tomahawk" of the Royal Air Force. Speedier with improved all-around performance, greatly increased firing power and more protective armor, they are being produced in vast, ever increasing numbers.

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