Full Size Printed Plans DE HAVILLAND "HAWK MOTH” Scale 1:12 (1”=1ft) Wingspan 44” Power Rubber


Full Size Printed Plans

Rubber-powered free flight scale is where all of our diverse interests in model aircraft began. Here is an exceptionally fine sample of that original art form. Placed 5th at the 1977 AMA Nationals.


Full Scale printed plan on a sheet 45” x 33” 20lb bond

Ten page building article with photos ( not all Shown)

Scale 1:12 (1”=1ft)

Wingspan 44”

Power Rubber


Geoff de Havilland the man, fit perfectly the image of the innovative and resourceful pilot/designer of the Golden Years of flight. Born in 1883, his influence on aircraft design was felt for more than half a century. The last aircraft bearing his distinguished name was the D.H. 121 Trident. The company was absorbed into Hawker Siddeley in 1961.

Not all of de Havilland's designs enjoyed the spot in history which characterized the D.H. 4, the Gipsy Moth, or the Mosquito. Archives contain many interesting designs relegated to obscurity, the Hawk Moth, designated model 75, being one of them.

We blew the dust off a February, 1929 copy of the highly-regarded British publication "Flight", and revealed an interesting and comprehensive analysis of our subject. It provided good three-view drawings and sufficient structural details for proof-of-scale documentation

Thank you for your interest Rose

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