Full Size Printed Plans for 18 1/2" model boat Streamlinette suitable for small R/C


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 12” x 24”

Three Page article of Building Notes and Photos

Length 18 1/2"

Power Electric

Suitable for Small Radio Control

The original Streamlinia remains one of the milestones of model boat design. Streamlinette is not a look alike but it has a similar layout, hence the name. You may find the construction rather novel, but it works, and uses everyday modern materials. In recent years resin and formed plastic hulls have been quite commonplace in our hobby. Few modellers have designed and constructed a GRP hull although most are familiar with the sequence of the  operations. Initially an original or plug is required; from this a mould is made which in turn will give as many casts (or mouldings) as required. For a single model the work - not to mention expense - can be considerable - and is only economical when a number of casts are taken.

Here is a hull construction system employing polyester resin (used in GRP hulls) with nylon as a reinforcement. There is no need for the original plug and the subsequent mould - a considerable saving in work and expense - but only one hull is produced. Experienced modellers will appreciate that the construction method described here could be easily adapted for scale hard chine launches, fast electrics and straight runners.


The components for the basic hull are cut from hard balsa with the exception of the two sides (12 and 13) which are from I/16in. ply. All parts are shown full size in the drawing, they are numbered according to the building sequence. Make a start by tracing or pin-pricking parts 1 to 9 on to the balsa sheet and cut to these lines with a fretsaw.

Glue the two pairs of doublers to the keel then drill out the holes for the rudder and the stern tubes. Test fit the 'bulkheads' and transom (6 to 9) before securing them permanently.

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