Full Size Printed Plans Giant Scale 1:20 Tug L 48" B 13" For Radio Control


Not a Kit or Model

This listing is for Full Size Printed Plans


Giant Scale Tug

Full size printed plan on two sheets 54” x 36”:

Ten page article with building notes


Radio Control

Length 48” Beam 13”

Power Twin Electric Motors

By J. Alan Boyer

A detailed step by step method of assembly would not be feasible, as each of us has his own ways of constructing a model. However, to help make your work easier, I have given information on the assembly sequence, combined with hints as to details and additions which will help make the completed model more realistic. As this boat requires many fittings and since the pieces used to assemble them were so varied, and' in 'some cases quite odd, I will explain what I used and how I used them. You can then follow my ideas and add or use ideas of your own, as many different items will suffice to do the job. I built the original model forty-eight inches long, which makes the scale to the real tug about five to eight. I will base all sizes to this scale however, you may build to any proportionate size by making size changes in ratio to the plans.

Thank you for looking Rose

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