Full Size Printed PLANS Half "A" Hell Razor Wingspan 10” ENGINES : CUB .039 - .049 - .074 WASP .049 SPITFIRE .045



Not a Kit or Material

Half "A" Hell Razor

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 11" x 17"

One page of notes

Wingspan 10”


CUB .039 - .049 - .074 WASP .049



Designed by George Fong

By Walter A. Musciano

This is half the size of the Class D Hell Razor which held the 1949 record and took first place at the 1950 International. A few changes had to be made in the construction of this kit to give you top Hell Razor performance. You will note that the control is mounted on the underside of the center of the wing and a pine bottom is used instead of magnesium.

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