Full size Printed Plans HM Customs and Excise Launch Scale 1:48 L 22" Suitable for radio control


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HM Customs and Excise Launch, attractive, different and straightforward construction,

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36" x 24" 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes and description

Scale 1:48

Length 22 1/2 in.

Beam 6"

Power Electric

Suitable for radio control

by Vic Smeed

   For building in wood, a composite structure is shown, using laminations of 1/2in. balsa for highly shaped areas and planking with 1/8 in. elsewhere. This is the most economic way in wood and makes construction quite straightforward.

   Guardsman. which is representative of the type of steam vessels used in estuarial approaches to major ports in the 1920s and 30s by H M Customs and Excise. Their purpose was to carry boarding and 'rummage' crews who were put aboard incoming ships to search for contraband goods. Much the same sort of thing is still carried on, but nowadays diesel launches are used. The boarding crew deals with such matters as bonded stores and legal procedures while the rummage crew goes through the ship in search of illicit items concealed by crew members.

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