Full Size Printed Plans inshore fishing boat M.F.V. EILEEN Scale 1:24 Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans  and Article


Full Size Printed on two sheets 38” x 24”and 30" x 18"

Three Page Article with Building notes and photos

Scale 1/2" = 1ft (1/24)

A fine 28 in. model of a "keelboat"

Suitable for Radio Control

by S. Jewitt



From a sheet of medium hard 1/4 in. x 3 ft. x 3 in. balsa cut outline of keel, noting that there will have to be a join on the level of water line; use machine edge for a good join.

I have not made provision for a rudder assembly, as in many cases the modeller may wish to fit radio or have his own idea on rudder working.

Assuming this completed, sand keel and mark planking line, or a rabbet could be added. Line indicates the exterior edge of planks. When hull is planked there should be an amount of keel protruding. Fit keel doublers and stern tube, this is brass tube of builder's required length according to motor, in. 0.D., bushed at each end.


Cut from 3/16 in. medium hard balsa. Once more3/16 I have left the builder choice of leaving solid or cutting the centres out. The original has NosTHESE motor fishing vessels (M.F.V.) are largely built on the east coast of Scotland, but can be found as far down the coast as Hull and Grimsby, working in the shallow harbours of Bridlington and Scarborough. Whitby have a few of them, but mostly the Whitby boats are to a design of their own, being slightly larger, with a different wheelhouse pattern.

Our prototype vessel and others of similar use, are all around the 56 ft. length with a beam of about 17 ft. With a 6 ft. draught, a very able sea boat is produced. Many readers will doubtless have heard of the famous Girl Pat venture by Capt. Dod Osborn, who stole the vessel and crossed the Atlantic; this vessel is similar.

The work of these vessels consists of all year round fishing in the dirtiest of weather imaginable. Working the seasons consists of crabbing, dog fishing, and, though some of the boats are converted to pocket trawlers, the main theme of work is long lining, or as the  would call it, "to be running with the hook". The lines — each boat carries about 14 to 16 — have each got 420 hooks made fast to "snood"-fishing line, a fathom to each hook. The lines are "shot" by being laid off individually, and marked by anchored 'dans', which are large spherical buoys. When all have been laid, the task of "hauling" them begins.

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