Full Size printed plans L 20” outboard racing hydroplane DICKIE-DO for Radio control


Full Size printed plans

Not a KIT or MODEL



Full Size printed plan on a sheet 38” x 28”

Two page article with building notes

Length 20”

Beam 9 ¼”

Outboard Engine .15

or convert to

Electric Outboard


THIS particular outboard hydroplane was designed in 1958, following the purchase of a very unusual engine - a K&B Allyn Sea Fury Twin. In as much as I had always enjoyed watching the full size hydros race, I decided to build a smaller version for use with this outboard glow engine.

The completed boat proved to be quite successful right from the start, and it was in operation at the local pond each Sunday. The following year, I read in one of the model magazines that there was going to be an R/C boat race in Milwaukee. I attended the meet simply to find out what the other IR/C boaters were using, and was quite surprised to find a majority of "V" hulls and air screw boats. In those days there really was one class of competition, with the result that the .049's ran against the .60's.

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