Full size Printed Plans Midget German Submarine Scale 1/12 L 34" suitable for radio control


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Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size printed plan on a sheet 42" x 20" 20lb bond

No pages of instructions some building notes and illustrations on plans

Scale 1/12

length 34"

beam 41/8"

Power Electric

Two battery powered Torpedoes

Radio Control

   These 3-man midget-submarines were of type XXVII of which 53 (U-2111 - U-2113 and U-2251 - U-2300) were commissioned into the Kriegsmarine. Designed in 1944 to attach limpet mines to ships at anchor but the vessel was required to do more tasks which forced a change in design which proved unsatisfactory in most aspects.

    This boat really had too limited range (78 miles at 3 knots surfaced and 40 miles at 6 knots submerged) for successful torpedo attacks. The first of 53 boats was delivered from Germaniawerft in Kiel, in May 1944 and 3 of these boats were outfitted with one magnetic mine holder instead of a torpedo but none of those saw action. The Hecht boats were only used for training purposes.

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