Full Size Printed Plans multi-purpose trawler,Scale1:50 Length 26 1/4" BOSTON SEA HARRIER


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Length 26 1/4"       

Beam 7 1/4"

Suitable for Radio Control

By David Metcalf

The Boston Sea Harrier was built in 1979 at Great Yarmouth. She is a one-off design, a multi-purpose trawler, and trawls from September to March for pelagic fish, i.e. mackerel and herring, for the first half of winter off the north west coast of Scotland, then for the rest of winter off the Cornish coast, normally landing her catch every day. The rest of the year she operates out of Lowestoft trawling for demersal fish, i.e., bottom feeding fish such as cod, haddock, plaice, etc. The Boston Sea Harrier operates as one of a pair of trawlers with one of Boston's other vessels. Each vessel tows one end of the net in this operation, this type of trawling normally taking placein the North Sea, and trips last from 12 to

14 days, catches being landed at Lowestoft. The Sea Harrier's dimensions are: Length OA — 32.20 metres (105ft. 8in.). Length BP — 29.00 metres (95ft. 2in.). Beam — 9.15 metres (30ft. 1/4in.). Draught — 3.4 metres (11ft. 2in.). Displacement — 702 tons max.

These dimensions give a model size, at scale 1:50, of 261/4in. long x 71/4in. beam x 14 lb. displacement. This length, coupled with a working bowthruster, should give a highly manoeuvrable model. The large displacement for its size should make it extremely stable.

Construction could be plank-on-frame hull or Decks could be constructed from ply and the superstructure and gantries from plastic sheet. A Monoperm motor should give ample power.

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