Full size printed plans O GAUGE Combination Ice Trolley & Line A 1948 PLAN


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Full size printed plan on two 17” x 11” sheets

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(If you are working in a different scale we can do the drawings only in that scale)

LENGTH 11 1/4”



 Coal and Ice were good revenue and the electric lines once held a near monopoly on heavy, fast interurban hauling- -pushing the cars for every dime that was in them.

But, the Ice Trolley that I remember, in pristine whiteness, hauled no sooty coal off season. Come the first crisp days, and she'd head for the shops to pick up a working platform, lights, wire spools and lockers, and roll out again a Line Car. She was a' sturdy brute and with a mould­board plow could handle a moderate snow­fall too. Versatile was the name for the heavy-duty Interurban of long ago.

I'd like to have an Ice Trolley right now to run on three minute headways over 0 ga. track from house to hammock weighted down with welcome refreshment, wouldn't you? Well, Number 764 of the Denver Intermountain Railway fits the description like a wheel upon a rail. Treat her right and you've got two cars-just as Throck­morton did-but with half the bother.

 On some 'layouts we could paint one side white with the old Rainbow Ice leg­end; and the otber side would bear the faded yellow of the D.I.M. Run her west in "summer" - East in "winter" with a five minute layover at the shops between "seasons" to pick up the working platform. By leaving a rectangular opening in the working platform we call also avoid the labor of changing the trolley pole mount when converting from Ice run to Line service.

The deck of this forty-five foot inter-urban is made of quarter ply with the trucks set 9" apart on centers. The curved end pieces (fig. 2) are jig-sawed out of soft pine and are screwed to the un­derside of the deck. After the car has been completed we can build up the half-cones, between bumper and car end, with wood

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