Full Size Printed Plans Peanut Scale 1908 BLERIOT IV it's all sheet balsa construction


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This model should get the fence-sitters into action ... , and turns in flights that can keep the stick-and-tissue set on their toes. Bleriot had a better idea One

Full size Printed plan on sheet 11” x 17”

Four Pages of notes and photos


Did you ever want to build a model with a scale size tail? Well, here is your chance. This is an all-sheet model of an early Bleriot IV monoplane. Although the real plane was not too successful (1907-'08 was early enough that about the only successful airplanes were rights, er, ah, Wrights). It is just plain great as a model. The tail size is ideal, there is adequate dihedral, the landing gear is long enough to allow a large enough model propeller the wing section is thin enough to be properly represented by sheet, and the fuselage structure has a square cross-section.

This model was designed to be built by the whole Mooney family to use at the 1974/75 Las Vegas New Years peanut scale competition. It was hoped that this sheet model would be competitive with the stick and tissue Peanuts. As it turned out, only two of them got built in time for the contest. Best time for the model under a 25 foot ceiling, was an official 40 seconds and third place overall in the contest. The other model did 39.8 seconds, had a few more scale points, and would have placed second except that another entry by the same entrant (the author) had beat it out by a couple of points, and only one prize was allowed per entrant.

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