Full Size Printed Plans Peanut Scale AERONCA 0-58A/L-3A DEFENDER here's one you know will fly.


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The oddballs are nice for a change, but here's one you know will fly.

One Full size Printed plan on a 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos


The small, two-place airplane that was most popular and numerous during the late '30s was most often called the "Cub" or
the "Piper Cub," and to the general public, all such high wing, strut-braced, fabric- covered, two-place light airplanes were
"Cubs." Sometimes a name has a great deal to do with success, and Piper lucked out. As a consequence, not many people realized that the "Cub" had any competitors.

Piper did have two very significant competitors prior to WWII: Taylorcraft and the Aeronautical Corporation of America (Aeronca). The Defender, or 0-58A, or L-3A, was a product of Aeronca, which by the time the Defender was built, was called Aeronca Aircraft Corporation, and was based in Middletown, Ohio. The Defender was announced in 1941 and could be purchased with a choice of Continental, Frariklin or Lycoming engines. It was an improvement of a previous tandem trainer,was purchased by the Army for use as a "Grasshopper," and was known as the 0-58A in military maneuvers in the south-western part of the U.S.

Construction of this model follows tried and true construction techniques. In fact, it might almost be considered old- fashioned.

All structural parts, with the exception of the landing gear wire, motor peg and propeller shaft, are balsa.

Thank you for your interest

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