Full size printed plans Peanut Scale "LOCKSPEISER LDA-01" an unusual aircraft


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The Land Development Aircraft (LDA) has been described as an "aerial Land Rover" (flying Jeep for you who do not know a spanner from a wrench or bonnet for a hood).

Full size printed plan on a sheet 11” x 17”

Three page article with building notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber


   The Lockspeiser is an unusual aircraft that has been under development in the United Kingdom for a number of years. The craft has a canard layout with the wing mounted high on the aft end of the box-like fuselage. The plane is a 7/10 th scale version of the planned production version, making this model a scale model of a scale model.

   Since making its first flight in August, 1971, the LDA has undergone many changes. It was originally fitted with three wire-braced rudders and a four wheel undercarriage. The 85hp Continental has been replaced by a 160hp Lycoming engine. Hoerner tips have replaced the square tipped wing and canard. The production "flying utility truck" will have a span of 13.4 m and be powered by a 360hp 0-540 engine.

   The model is a copy of the aircraft seen at the 1975 Paris Air show. One half of the plane was camouflaged, with the other half in civvies. The model shown is fully camouflaged.  

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