Full size printed plans Peanut Scale "MACCHI MB .308 IORO" flies beautifully and did win the rubber scale event.


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Another 2-for-1 project, the Macchi was built at exactly double Peanut size, 26 inch span, so that the 50010 reduction for the magazine is right on the button. Try 'em both.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 11” x 17”

Four page article with building notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber


For the Flight masters' Annual Seaplane Contest this year, this version of the MB 308 was selected as part of an effort to win the rubber powered event.

To be successful a model must be as aerodynamically clean as possible, and be stable enough to absorb the relatively high power that is required to get a seaplane off the water. What was required in my judgment was a high wing airplane with as few struts as possible, this said, "cantilever wing", and my choices narrowed down to two; either the Cessna Airmaster on floats, or the MB 308 on floats. I opted for the Macch i because it had an opposed engine instead of a radial, and because the strut system for the floats was much simpler. It happened that I had a photo of the real item with the license "I-CARE", and that suited my sense of humor too.

The model shown flies beautifully and did win the rubber scale event.

Interestingly, second place went to a model of the Airmaster! As has been the practice a couple of times before in MB, the model was designed with a 26 inch wing span so that when reduced in half, it is exactly Peanut scale. The 26 inch span model used 3/32 square longerons, so that 1/20 square can be used on the Peanut.

Also, 1/16 sheet ribs were used on the large one, and 1/32 should be used on the small one. Stringers were 1/16 square on the large one so they should be 1/32 on the Peanut. I have found that Peanut Scale seaplanes are hard to R.O.W., mostly because the water is even further out of scale, so I have indicated the tricycle wheel landing gear on the plans for the Peanut enthusiasts

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