Full size printed plans Peanut scale "Tipsy Nipper" in a contest you perhaps will get some more scale points


Full size printed plans No material

Tipsy Nipper

Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 11" x 17"

Three Pages of building notes and Photos

Peanut scale

Wingspan 13”

Power rubber


This Peanut version of a plane manufactured in England and Belgium comes to us from Germany. Prototype had a 19-foot wingspan, and was powered by a Volkswagen engine. Try it!The Tipsy Nipper is a small aircraft of 6m (19 feet, 8 inches) wingspan, powered by a 40 hp Volkswagen engine. It was designed in Belgium in 1957. The prototype at first had an open cockpit with a windshield and a low rear fuselage. Perhaps to give the aircraft better chances on the market, it was redesigned to. have a closed bubble-hooded cockpit. The Tipsy Nipper was manufactured in Belgium and England. It was available factory built and as kit for the homebuilder. The Tipsy is no longer In production, but many examples are still flying. The Tipsy is highly aerobatic, but suffers from having no inverted oil and fuel system. Since I was a schoolboy I liked the Tipsy Nipper, even dreamed to own one sometimes. Nevertheless I had never built a model of it before, since even as a small R/C-aircraft you have to build a fairly large fuselage. What is worse, you have to form a fairly big bubble canopy that is beyond technical abilities of many modelers, and for me when I was a schoolboy. As a Peanut, the big fuselage helps to stow the rubber motor easily, and the small canopy can be formed with household equip- ment. Because of the short fuselage the Peanut model will not be a high-duration aircraft. But in comparison with box-type duration models, like the Lacey, in a contest you perhaps will get some more scale points

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