Full Size Printed Plans Peanut Scale Turbo AG CAT Three-bladed prop clears the ground for takeoffs.


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Turbo AG CAT

Grumman was very kind to modelers when it added a long, turbo power nose to
to the Ag Cat. Three-bladed prop clears the ground for takeoffs.

One Full size Printed plan on a 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos


Grumman's latest version of this airplane, using the P&W turbine engine, required a nose extension of 4-1/2 feet.
This made it much more suitable for a rubber-powered model, which Warren Shipp was quick to point out. His drawings and the photos in the January, 1982, issue of "Model Aviation" inspired this Peanut. If you haven't seen his presentation, and you like the looks of the airplane, get a copy. It really is an excellent biplane design at any scale. I chose to model the all-yellow proto- type N6868Q, and built-in the increased wing gap modification. Sheet balsa is used for the cowl and top deck, with stringers and tissue for the remainder of the fuselage to simulate the corrugated metal sheet. Construction works out pretty conventionally, except for a few fussy details, most of which are shown on the plans.

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