Full size printed plans Peanut Scale 'Volksplane' Also suited for the beginner in the Peanut scene


Full size printed plans No material


Build this simple format Peanut Scale Rubber powered model.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 11” x 17”

Two page article with building notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber

by Siegfried Glockner

THE FIRST FLIGHT of the 'Volksplane' happened in summer of 1968. The aircraft was designed by the professional aircraft engineer W.S. Evans. At first glance it is not evident, that Evans' 27 years of experience in aircraft design assisted to create the 'Volksplane' ... Evans' aim was not to have a high technology aircraft, but to get a homebuilder's first aircraft that was easy to build from cheap materials and also showed high stability and not too bad a performance.

  That Evans succeeded in designing an ideal aircraft for the beginner in the home builder scene is proved by the facts, the 'Volksplane' has been built by homebuilders all over the world.

   Because of the simple shape of the 'Volksplane' the aircraft is also suited for the beginner in the Peanut scene, even though low wingers are not usually to be advised to the lesser experienced modellers. The long tail arm, and the slightly increased dihedral give the Peanut 'Volksplane' good stability and make the model easy to trim and suitable for the beginner.

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