Full size Printed Plans Racing Smack/Yacht Scale 1:24 KINGFISHER L 24" Display or convert to Radio Control


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The Racing Smack/Yacht


Full Size printed plan on a sheet 39" x 29" 20lb bond

Five page article with history some building notes and pictures

Scale 1:24

Length 24"

Beam 5"

Display model

You may modify for Radio Control

by L. S. Humphries

The model was built exactly the same as the big boat

Her dimensions are L.O.A. 39 ft., beam 10 ft. 9 in., draft 5 ft., tonnage 12 t.m.

   The model was built from a sheet of 1/8 in. ply, 2 ft. x 2 ft., for the planking, and 

4 ft. 8 in. x 6 in. of 1/4 ply, for the building board, moulds, beams, etc.

   Kingfisher was built in 1897 as a racing smack, for an owner of a large fishing fleet—as a boat for his best skipper and crew.

    Her history is as interesting as her shape. Kingfisher was the fastest smack built, so many other smack owners have told me. This was probably due to her wine-glass shape, rather than the full-bellied look of the more normal type of smack.

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