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Full size printed plan on two sheets 33" x 23" and 33" x 20" 20lb bond

Six page article with description some building notes and photos

Plans are not suitable for beginners

Scale 1:40

Length 311/2"

Beam 7 7/8"

Suitable for Radio Control


   The plan of the model is to a handy 1:40 Displacement would be approx. 7.9lbs (3.6kg). She is a single screw vessel and interior access can be readily achieved by having a removable centre section of deck. The hull could be built as plank-on-frame or as 'bread butter'.

   The first thing that will strike you when looking at the hull lines will be that the vessel is almost 'yacht like' with a great deal of flare forward.

When in that service, she was fitted with a range of net and line handling winches, net transporters and trawl gallows, a bow thruster and a Pleuger Rudder.

Now nearing her half century and still considered worthy of further service, her longevity is a testament to her robust construction by these well known and highly respected Aberdeen shipbuilders.

   She had a major conversion in 1988 whilst in the service of DAF (Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries) but was acquired by IDP Marine and extensively rebuilt in 2009 to be able to carry out hydrographic and geophysical surveys. geotechnical investigations and bird surveys. That is her current colour scheme as noted here. Built basically to a trawler design, she can remain at sea if required for up to 14 days in poor weather conditions and has been outfitted with all the necessary modern equipment to operate legally.

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