Full Size Printed Plans Sailing catamaran Length 42 ¾” for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans with Article


Sailing catamaran incorporating a novel sheeting mechanism adaptable to other sailing craft.

Full Size Printed on sheets 49” x  20”  20lb bond

Eight page article with building notes, photos and Material List

Length 42 ¾”

Power Sail

Radio Control

By E. F. Amiss

This catamaran is a stable and speedy model which uses a two-function proportional radio and incorporates a quick-release clutch for the sails, giving instant and complete control. It has been sailed all day without the necessity of touching it, from a deck-chair on the pondside, and however the wind changes control remains.

Deep V hulls give very good stability, and the absence of a centre cabin helps, since if the model is steeply heeled with one hull in the air, the wind can blow through the between-hull slatting and the model rights itself at the first lull, or on release of the sails. It has never capsized yet.

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